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Storytime..for the last time!!,,,maybe

We see two mysterious figures standing around talking to eachother, one appears to always be laughing. We zoom in to what they are talking about. We also see two distant figures aproaching slowly.

"What's goin' on around here! No one seems to be doin' anything wrong anymore"
"Well...maybe everyone turned good, ya could be possible. Lookie!! maybe those two are bad!"The other one pointed off into the distance. Both of them looked to the approaching figures and decided it would be best to run towards them.
"Da dadada daa!!*hero sound* I am Jumping-Man Mark!"
"And i am...Tree-Man Jim! Together we are..." He ripped open his shirt. "OhNO!" he cried, realizing he had nothing on underneath " I forgot to put my costume on!" He blushed and looked at Mark sheepishly.
" the way Jim, who are we when we're together?!" Jumping-Man Mark looked over at his friend, scratching his chin, confusion creeping into his eyes.
"Umm..I dunno!" He laughed."...We're SUPERHEROS!"
"No! We're the only good guys around!" Protested Cholie Boy, blinking back tears that blurred his vision.
"Yeah!?" Plont Mon said uncertainly, he had no clue to what was going on. Cholie Boy elbowed him "Oh Yeah!" Plont Mon said enthusastically, beging to undertand what was going on.
Tree-Man Jim whipped out drumsticks and Jumping-Man mark pulled out some string."Well then, guess that makes us Supervillans" Jim laughed gleefully
"String?" Plont Mon asked curiously
"It's guitar string" Mark replied, showing off his string proudly
"Oooo! can i see it!?" Plont Mon's eyes widend as he held out his hands
Plont Mon grabbed the string and tied up Jumping Man Mark's hands with it" There! I caught you now, you're under arrest!"He said proudly
Cholie boy smiled at his friend"Good job Chum! took a lotta effort to think that one up, eh?"
"Hey now!" Mark said as he started to jump around
"Hold still, will ya!"Plont Mon said as he began to jump up and down with him.
"Plont Mon, HELP!!"
Plont Mon glanced over to see what his friends cry for help was all about. He saw Jim playing the drums on Cholie Boy's head.
"Stop that! your hurting my friend!"Plont Mon jumped over to Cholie Boy, with mark in tow.
"Whaaa?! Ohhh...okay, I'll stop" Jim dropped his drumsticks and pouted.
"Cholie Boy! s-st-stop m-m-me f-from j-ju-jumping!"t Mon aid, still hopping up and down.
Cholie Boy grabbed his friends arms and pulled him to a stop
"Thanks" he said out of breath" Thought I was a gonner there" his cheeks flushed.
The four of them sat on the floor and began to talk and they decided that they would team up together because Jumping-Man Mark and Tree-Man Jim didn't like being supervillans, it took too much effort.
Once again, Plont Mon and Cholie boy asked where they were and they figured they were probably lost, again, and that it would be best for them to just sit there and waif for someone to find them. they enjoyed the company of the two others and wondered what kind of foursome they would be.

Well, that's all folks! now I hope y'all enjoyed your stay here. For now the stories are done, but if I ever do get around to writing one more, y'all will be the first to know!now*points to bus stop* that's your way out!

your last stop in Storyland