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We meet again. Plont Mon and Cholie Boy are sitting on the side walk in front of a gas station, Cholie Boy appears to be mesmerized by the passing cars. In the meantime Plont Mon is getting high on the smell of gasoline.

"Boy..this stuff sure smells good!" Plont Mon sighed pleasently
"Wha...?"Cholie boy said, snapping out of his trance. He noticed Plont Mon's euphoric state and began slapping his cheeks repeaditly. He began laughing becuase it was fun slapping his friends around.
"Hey! woulda ya stop that already!" Plont Mon had snapped out of his state awhile ago and couldn't manage to tell his friend to stop. He rubbed at his sore cheeks and whiped the tears from his eyes." You really hurt me"
"I'm sorry" Cholie Boy said while trying to hide his smile.
"Ya right, I don't believe you" Plont Mon was upset, he folded his arms across his chest and his lips formed a pout.
"I am!" Cholie Boy cried and leaned over to give him a big hug."I truly am!"
"Okay" Plont Mon nodded "I believe ya. Thanks for the hug, i really needed that"Plont Mon smiled
They sat on the sidewalk for a couple of hours longer, until the manager of the gas station kicked them off
"Get outta here! your bringin' down the property value!" The manager yelled.
"We don't know where we are,,,"
"or where to go" Plont Mon finished his friends statement.
"Get lost you freaks!" The Manager huffed and went back inside his little booth.
Suddenly, Cholie Boy and Plont Mon felt a vibration
"It's Thundering Voice man!!" They both shriek in unison. They grabbed onto eachother as Thundering Voice Man stepped into view.
Plont Mon, trying to be cool, shrugged off Cholie Boy" Get a hold of yourself man!, we can beat him...can't we?"Plont Mon asked, rather meekly
The ground shook beneath them as Thundering Voice Man laughed. Plont Mon bumped into Cholie Boy
"HA HA! you'll never get near enough to me to capture me!" he bellowed
"He's right you know" Cholie Boy nodded his head, agreeing with the evil villan.
"Ya, I know. Let's get outta here!" Plont Mon grabbed Cholie Boy's hand and ran off down 100th avenue.
"Hey!" tears sprung to Thunder Voice Man's eyes " No one ever wants to play with me" He sat down sadly in the middle of the street, oblivious to the honking cars around him.
Cholie Boy and Plont Mon stopped and looked around.
"Uhhh...know where we are?"Plont Mon asked
"Shoulda stayed with Thundering Voice Man"
"Shoulda"Cholie Boy nodded
"Ohh well..let's sit..I'm tierd of standing"
"'kay" Cholie Boy sat next to his friend. Lost once again. They were too caught up in the traffic lights and blaring horns to notice that Thundering Voice Man was only a block away.

Well that's all for now, folks. Stay tuned next time when they meet up with Tree-Man-Jim and Jumping-Man-Mark. With the Dreadful duo become a foursome? Stay tuned!

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