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Storytime..will it ever stop?!

We ecounter Plont Mon and Cholie Boy sitting on the bleechers at Leveque park, still hungry and very bored because the field they were staring out was empty.

"See, if you hadn't eaten eaten my whole carrot we coulda has dome right now, instead of sitting here starving. Plont Mon took off his trench coat and fluffed it up to a pillow. He hardly took off his coat, except for when it was really hot. He rubbed his growling tummy.
"Well...if you wouldn't have been so confused we coulda gotten a bag of chips" Cholie boy said defensivly. He fished out a peice of Plont Mon's foli paper from his pocket and began to fan himself with it. He was thankful that he saved it. He looked over and saw that his friend had fallen asleep and he decided to do the same.
The duo had fallen asleep leaning against eachother when suddenly Plont Mon fell over and woke up. He blinked for a bit, wondering if his eyes were still closed but he figured out that it was night time. Lying flat on his face he turned his head and saw two figures running across the field. One had a pitch fork and was stabbing the other one who appeared to have wings. Little did he know that it was Cotten Eye Joe and Mouchie Boy. The wings were Mouchie Boy's blue track jacket flapping out behing him.
Plont Mon quickly got up and ran up the bleechers to wake up Cholie Boy who was peacfully sleeping lenghtwise on the top bench.
"Wake up!! It's an Angel being chased by a Devil!!" Plont Mon shook Cholie Boy roughly nearly making himself fall. Cholie Boy sat up and rubbed his eyes when Plont Mon started to laugh.
"Wha?...whatcha laughin' at?" Cholie Boy asked groddily.
"Y-y-you f-fell asleep on..on the f-foil PAPER!" He began to giggle harder at the indentations of the foil paper on his friends face.
"Hey! Stop laughin at me!" He puched Plont Mon causing him to fall off the bleechers again." Oh my goodness! lookie! it's and Angel and a Devil!"Cholie Boy jumped up and pointedat the thwo figures running around aimlessly in the soccer field. Plont Mon and Cholie Boy walked down to the bottom bench and sat down. The laughed evertime the'Devil' poked the 'Angel' in the butt.
Suddenly a light over the field came on and Plont Mon and Cholie boy realized who it was.
""It's Cotten Eye Joe and Mouchie boy!" exclaimed Cholie Boy.
" it ain't a devil and an Angel then, eh?" Plont Mon sighed in great disappointment.
"Would ya quit poking me!" Mouchie Boy said, his bright blue eyes narowing as he turned around and grabed the Pitchfork from his friends hand.
"Hey! I was just havin' a little fun, is that a crime?!"Cotten eye Joe asked.
The four stood still for a few minuets to ponder this, then, then Plont Mon and Cholie Boy figured that it was and ran over to the fence to try and climb it when the entrance was only a few feet away. The two of them dropped hard to the ground on the other side of the fence. Getting up quickly, they took the time to bruch themselves off, making sure they were dust free. When they finished inspecting their clothes of dust they ran over to Cotten Eye Joe and Mouchie Boy, when the CEJMB alarm went off.
"Shucks! we have to find them fast, they're wanted criminals!!" Plont Mon said as he turned around to leave.
"Hey, wait a minute, isn't that us?" Cotten Eye Joe asked.
"Ya, it is..isn't it?" Mouchie boy scratched his head in confusion.
"It is!" excalmined Cholie Boy as he handcuffed the two criminals.
"What are you doin that for, we haven't did anything!" Cotten Eye Joe said as he sat on the floor, pouting.
"I'm not quit sure. " Cholie Boy shrugged.
Plont Mon turned around halfway to the exit. "Search 'em for food" He declaired.
Cholie Boy did so and found an orange and a chocolait bar.
"That tickles!"Mouchie Boy began to giggle.
"I found some" Cholie Boy left the two there and walked over to where Plont Mon was sitting. He ploped down next to his friend on the bleechers. They both ate a bit of each satisfying their hunger.
"So, where are we?" Cholie Boy asked.
" I dunno" Plont Mon shrugged.
The police came and took the two sleeping criminals to jail while Plont Mon and Cholie Boy decided they'd better find somewhere else to go. They wandered around but got lost so they sat down on a corner and waited for someone to take them home.

That concludes another adventer of the Disasterouse Duo. Stay tuned next time when they meet up with *lound thundering voice here* Thundering Voice man!

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