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Storytime...and again,,,

Plont Mon and Charlie boy have recovered from saving the world, again and are now walking on Souvenir. They had to stop and sit down to figure out where they were, a common theing for the duo to do. They had decided that this was the most confused they'd ever been.

"Plont Mon, Where in the world are we?! I think we're really lost this time"Cholie Boy said sadly while scrathing at his ear.
"I haven't the slightest idea" He said just as a bus passed by"Maybe we should take it"
"Huh?" Cholie Boy was to fasinated by the crack in the sidewalk to hear what his friend was saying.
"I said, maybe we sould take that bus. Maybe the bus driver will know where we are" Plont Mon tugged on Cholie Boys arm in order for him to hurry up.
The two got on the bus and rode on it for about an hour and a half when Cholie Boy realized that they had be going around in circles.
Think we should get off now"Cholie Boy suggested.
"Kay"Plont Mon murmered, rather sleepily."Know where we are now?" he looked over at his friend with a hopeful look.
"Nope, no clue"
"Well, guess we'll just walk around some more till.,,"Plont Mon got cut off by the Clicking Twins Detector" OhNO!, it's the TWINS!"Plont mon yelled and comenced to run in circles. He ran into Cholie Boy who was standing there trying to remeber who the 'twins' were. Both of them wound up in a heap on the floor.
"F-f-find th-t-the Plo-plon-plontmobile...FAST!" stuttered Plont Mon.
"Isn't that it over there?" Cholie Boy pointed across the street to where they had orginally started.
"How come we din't use the car instead of wasting money on the bus?" Plont Mon asked curiously.
"Good question buddy. I dunno..why?"
Plont Mon chose to ignore his question leaving Cholie Boy stumped and confused. They ran across the street, looking both ways first and jumped inside the car.
The clicking Twins seemed to appear out of no where and startled Cholie Boy.
"Oh darn! I just managed to buckle my seat belt and now i have to figure out how to unbukle it again!" Plont Mon, frustrated, began to strugle with the belt. Struggling in the car, he managed to press the 'eject' button and escape the horrible entrapment of the seatbelt.
Meanwhile, Cholie Boy was fighting agains the twins, nearly getting crushed by their clicky boots. Plont Mon rushed to his friends rescue, firing his plont gun, which entwined the 2 in weeds(Plont Mon would be considered dangerouse if the gun carried bullets). With the help of Cholie Boy and masks, they removed the boots and disposed of them. They left the defeated twins for the police.

And that conclueds another adventure with plont Mon and Cholie Boy, hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for when they meet up with Cotten-Eye Joe and Mouchie boy!

Still sticking around in the looney bin times.