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Storytime....for the billionth time

We come again upon Plont Mon and Cholie boy. This time they are wandering down the street of Notre Dame, not having thr slightest clue of where they were going. They suddenly stop in front of Uniprix(a local pharmacy) when the Benny Brothers detector went off

"The Benny Brothers can wait...I'm hungry! Whaddya want" Plont Mon said opening the door for Cholie Boy
"I dunno. How bout some chips? or soemthing?" Cholie Boy said following his companion. " After all the Benny Brothers are slow and not very dangerouse. Thier only weapon is chopsticks, HAHAHEEHEE!" The two laughed at the joke although it wasn't very funny.
They wandered through the store looking for a bag of chips. They eventually had to ask for directions to the chip rack. They finally found their way 20 minutes later.
"What kind do ya want?"Cholie Boy said as picked up a bag of Ruffles and looked it over.
"It's too confusing, you choose!"Plont Mon said, rubing his temple where a headache was forming. 10 minutes later, they were finally paying for the bag of chips wehn they realized that the Benny Brothers were holding up the store.
"I guess they're faster than we though" Plont Mon said, elbowing his friend. Cholie Boy gently put down the bag of chips.
"I guess so" Cholie Boy shrugged while rubbing his side.
Meanwhile the Benny Brothers pulled out their deadly chopsticks.
"You'll never take us alive!" cackled Benny Manah Han
"Never!!"Benny Hanah Man joined in with his brother and the two collapsed on the floor , giggling.
" I guess they caught the " Banana Man" disease I just hope it ain't contagiouse" Plont mon chuckled at his won joke, and also shuddered at the thought of laughing and ending up like Banana Man.
"I sure hope they don't end up smiling like he did, I'd have nightmares for the rest of my life"Cholie Boy helped him put the cuffs on because they were still laughing. He then took the chopsticks and broke them in two, disposing of them in the garbage. " I guess them chopstiks aren't that deadly!" he said happily.
"Plont Mon nodded and left the benny Brothers on the floor for the police. The two went back to deciding what kind of chips they should get because they changed their mind again. After about an hour, they gave up trying to decide nd left Notre Dame again, hungry. Neither of them know where they were trying to figure out where they were but having no luck.

And that conclued another adventure with the Disaterouse Duo, but make sure you stay tuned for when they meet the Clicking twins!

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