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As you recall the last time we left off was when Plont Mon and Cholie Boy were wandering the streets of Laval, trying to figure out exactly where they were and free the citizans of the nast, horrible criminals. Meanwhile, Banana Man was struggle to plan his next move of attack.

"I am so confused! I'm a wanted criminal and I should know what my next move is!" He started complaining to hiself. He then laid his head on the table in front of him and fell asleep.

"Hey Plont Mon! I finally figured out where we are!" exclamied Cholie Boy proudly
"About time, I was starting to get worried, I mean it's been 2 weeks since we last knew where we are"Plont Mon sighed as he scrachted his head." Well, where are we?!"
"We're on Samson Blovard"
"Umm..where's that?!"
"I dunno, but it says so on that sign over there" He pointed to the street sign,
"Well...I'm hungry" Plont Mon muttered as he stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a massive peive of foil paper.
"That;s some sandwitch you got there buddy!" Cholie boy was beging to drool.
"It's not a sandwitch" he said as he started unrapping the foil paper. 10 minuets later, he finished unrapping it and presented his contents to Cholie Boy" It's a carrot!" he grinned and the took a bite.
"I want a peice!" Cholie boy declared as he grabbed the carrot from his friends hand,
"Hey!" Plont Mon tried to grab his carrot back but Cholie Boy greedly shoved the whole thing into his mouth.
"Hehe!" he giggled with his mouth full.
The Banana Man detector went off again
"OHNO!he's struck again!"Plont Mon said worridly
"Hurry! we must find the Plontmobile!" said Cholie Boy, trying to decide which direction they should go in.
They looked around frantically and then suddenly realized that they were standing right in front of it.
"There it is!"Cholie Boy replied gleefully as he opend the door.
"Huh?! whhheeerre?" Plont Mon looked around
"Over here you dodo!" Cholie Boy said as he sat in the driver seat.
"Awww! i wanted to drive!" Plont man whined as he pouted. Eventually he go in the pasanger side.

Banana Man was waiting outside his lair. Sitting on the front steps, he atticipated the moment when those two blundering fools would arrive. He began to laugh fiendishly to himself. Two girls passed by and gave a weird look. He souldn't seem to stop laughing, even when Plont Mon and Cholie Boy arrived. They arrested him and sent him to the Psychiatric Institute where he stayed for many many years. He finally managed to stop laughin some years later but a smile always remaind on his lips. As for Plont Mon and Cholie Boy, the still continue wandering the streets, waiting for someone to help them find their way home

Stay tuned for next time with the Dredful Due encounter the Benny Brothers!

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