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This is a story about Plont mon and his faitful sidekick Cholie Boy and their first encounter with the evil and tricky Banana Man.

One day Plont Mon and Cholie Boy were wandering the streets of Chomedey Laval, lost and confused like they most often where. Alll of a sudden Plont Mons Banana Man detector went off

"Where is he plont Mon?!"Cholie Boy asked while trying to figure out where the had wandered to.
"First things first, Where are we?" asked Plont Mon with great confusion
"I think we're somewhere on 100th avenue"stated Cholie Boy proudly
"Off to the Plontmobile! that is if we can find it"Plont Mon said looking hoplessly around for the car
The Plontmobile was a agua-marine-blueish-grey color.
The found the Plontmobile 20 minuets later and were off to find Banana Man. They arrived at Banana Boy's secret lair which was somewhere on St. Martin(very close to 100th avn.)They busted into the house, Plont Mon pulled out his Plont gun and shouted "Stop! or I'll shoot!"
"Help me! Tell him to stop seducing me!" cried his vitim.
"I have a more dangerouse weapon than you!" Banana Man yelled back.
"What's that?" asked Cholie boy showing a great deal of interest.
"It's my flailing arms!" he cried out as he demonstrated, he ended up hitting the girl on the head
"Oooof!"was the sound the girl made "Hey!" she hit him back angrily. he lost his balance and the girl ran to Cholie Boy as Plont Mon ceized the opertunity to handcuff Banana Man.
"This isn't the last you'll see of me!" he yelled at them

Banana Man was put into jal, but escaped several days later when he realized where he had been. He hasn't struck yet, but when he will, Plont Mon and Cholie boy will be there waiting. But for now, they'll continue to wander the streets of Laval and occasionaly ask eachother " Where are we?" and answer a pitiful " I don't know"

Stay tuned to next time where Dreadful Duo meet up with *insert eerie music here* Banana Man, what'll happen next?

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