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Aha! so I tricked ya to coming here, didn't I?*grin* well glad you can make it! well, you can take a seat over there and read these story thingamgigies if ya wish

Little history on them..well, they're comical little stories, wrote them when I was in High School, a total of 7 and I might just add one the last chapter or something. They're sorta based on these 2 guys me and Missy liked in HS, we made up names for them cuz of a blunder of pronociation on my part and they just, I kinda stupified them a 1000 times and wrote these little diddys. Hope ya like 'em, and if ya don't..keep yer comments to yourself*l* just joking, you can e-mail all your comments at ...well, just scan to the bottem of this paragraph*it isn't very far) and click on the little Pooh Bear that says too, kay? cool!*smile*Just a little notice: all these people that the stories are based on are not really that dumb or odd, they actually are nice and sweet(most of 'em anyways)who we sorta know(as for the last 2...wish to know)So don't go about gettin' the wrong idea about us Lavalers(where the stories take place) we're pretty normal..well, some are, yours truly not included*l*

click here if ya wanna see a map of the area...helps you out a bit to know where they are*grin*

this is the fisrt installment in the series. I think it's kinda funny although short. It's an introduction to the 2 main characters and their stupidity*grin* hope you enjoy!Banana Man is based on some guy in High School who was always smiling, he was kinda dorky so I though it'd be funny to use him in a story

This is the second installment to the series, kinda funny I guess. Banana Man is it this one again..don't worry..this is the last time...Ooooo the suspence!*grin*

This is the one with the Benny Brothers, kinda based on a drawing me and Missy made up, the pic might be one soon cuz it's kinda funny*l* enjoy!

This is the4th instalment. they meet up with the Clicking Twins. They're based on twins that M&M knew. They had funny cowboyish boots that made clicking sounds. ya knew when they were coming a mile away!*LOL*

This is when the Duo meet up with Mouchie and Cotten-Eye. They're based on 2 guys me and Missy like and still do like to this day. They're 2 lovable guys not much else to say*L*

This one is about PM and CB meeting up with Thundering Voice Man. he's based on a guy we all knew. He's a funny guy who digs basketball tons! ohh..he called me a Teddy bear*l**grin*

This is the last installment. In case ya didn't know, it the drummer n electrict guitarist from Hootie*l* But of course they had to be in one!*grin* Well, hope ya liked 'em*smile*