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My Corner

Hiya! this is another addition of my page, something I decided to work on a lazy Saturday afternoon when it's snowing outside...Guess it's about what I like and whatnot...ohh..and well, guess there'll be a little on can say it's a page on me for all you lovlie curiouse people out there*grin
Hey me again, and my pitiful little exsitense, rying to come up with something clever and witty to say, but you know what? I'm plumb outta ideas! sad..and my age and I'm all tapped out, guess I'm sorta sick of no one really listening to me all that much. Anyway, once again, i hope someday soon I'll reformat this place and make it normal..or's old fashioned..sad but true..I've fallen behind!*dramatic gasp*, Come back soon..or not and spare yourself the trauma*g*

this is a pic of me and my bestest bud..(l-r)Me(as in Demi..hehe) Missy and Mary. We've know eachother for about um....I dunno...quite awhile I must say. We'll, 'nuff bout them...they got their own page*nods*

Well, lets see...born and raised in Prescott, Ontario. Nice little town but moved from there when I was about 8, so i consider Montreal my home*smile* Pretty cool place to live but 'less ya ski n do all those fun winter winter can get kinda boring.

I'm 18 years old, born on the 28th of September, 1979(wonderful year!) I attend Vanier College2nd year student at the rotten place*grin* As you probably can tell..I don't like it there very much. My friends aren't there =(
I'm 5'5, have aburnish hair, kinda sort too, looks a bit like Neve Cambell(Party of 5-Julia) sorta, but not really*shrug*My eyes are(as Mary says)"Hazel with a little black dot in one of 'em!"

Kay, so what do I like? well, Umm... Hootie & the Blowfish as you can see I can't get enough of 'em, alos, I like Hanson kay, so they're young, who cares! and I guess this proves I like Pop music*smile* and darn proud of it! I like rollerblading, but ain't very good at it, till this day i blame it on my blades being crappy! hehe. I like if that fits in..and well, favorite movies, Umm..the Professional, Foresst Gump, Swing Kids, Little Women...and of course..Poohs Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin.

kay now, TV shows..umm..well there's
The Rez just love this show!! gets ya all giddy and happy like..alos, gets ya sad too =(..(Mary'd be Silas, and I'd be Frank..hehe)
there's also Due South Groovy lil Canadia show, too funny is all I have to say.."Kiss the dirt! kiss the dirt!""Understood" I like it alot, real funny (I'd be Ray and Missy'd be Fraser..hehe)

kay well, then there's my bestest net buddy in the whole wide world...Zinkaroonie!! well, Zink without the whole aroonie stuff added to it. Hmm..I've know him for about...a year and many months, but feels like I've known him for many many centuries*L*, better becareful cuz the S_______ mafia will come after ya if you don't get on his good side. He's my hyper buddy, only one here that can compete with me*proud grin* he'll tickle ya pink with his witty stories

Then there's Mary/Actung Baby/Leonnie/Chen now there's a gal for ya, 2nd M to "M&M and the Dorito"(Dorito being me and the other M being Missy) once ya get her on her goofy spree...she'll make ya laugh tons and you can often find us in Cyberchat telling odd little stories bout Zac and Leander in tights*L* remeber thoes days well, I reckon!
anywho, she is one of the greatest drawers i know and writers too(I'm the talentless one of the 3) this is a pic of Deseray, use to go in CC under her(or rather, Ray) cuz she's based on me in one of her wonderful Gunrangler Stories,*grin* amazes me evertime I read it!
P.S~this cool background was made be the one and only Marykins!

Well guys, bout it for now, *grin* I, as well as a few others, find them funny so feel free to return and read 'em!
Here is what you've all been waiting for! enjoy!

if ya wanna go back where ya came from!