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Hootie and the Blowfish
August 7th, 199
Bourbon Street North

6:00PM, me and my friend arrive at Bourbon Street Club, we're about the 8th people in line, we're happy, we have faith, we'll be up close, no doubt it! I look inside, I spot someone, he looks familiar, could it be Jeff? I wonder. Me and Mystery Man kept glancing back and forth, finally I figure screw it! now or never! with a little encouragement from my friend, I went up. Mystery Man looked over, "Demi?" he questioned. Whooo! I thought I found Jeff!! too cool! I smile and say "Yeah" we chat for a bit, then I motion my friend over, we chat some more(got him to speak french, he's pretty good!)
My friend and I decided to leave Jeff be, we figured he had some stuff to do(he was so incredibly nice!!)Before we left tho' we saw Dean, he looked real tiered but was kind enough to stop for a picture
we went back in line, we were still set, only 2 other people arrived infront of where we use to be. We waited, chatted amongst each other for a bit, I look around, figuring, sold out show? where are all the people?! I see Jeff walk by outside, he was luggin some stuff, I joked to my friend that we shoulda helped him out, he lost his shoe when someone came and talked to him, caught him off gard was what it was*l* I see him look at the line and point me out "Demi's here" I'm like what the heck?! then i thought that it had to be Dani/ Green Mountain Johnson, she made it! I cheered to myself. She came over and introduced herself, we talked, joked around finally her husband was brave enough to join us, he was such a cutie, he didn't wanna cut in.
Finally the doors opened at 8:00PM, 2hrs of waiting outside, we joyfully went inside and took our place, RIGHT UP FRONT! I mean the guys weren't even 2 feet away from us, it was wicked!! eventually, after another hour of waiting, witch allowed us all to take a bathroom break and grab some refreshments for the show cut there was no way any of us were leaving till it was over.
Train came on at 9, and they were real good, real loud too (my ears are still buzzing) They finished after a 45min set then the Hootie Crew came out to fix the stage for them, I do believe Double G(the pic didn't come out very well at all) was trying to avoid havin his pic taken, but he did smile for one, very cool! a few of the Crew noticed our sign and liked it(another thrilling moment) Finally after what seemed forever, they take the stage, the crowd went wild, I mean it, everyone was yelling and clapping their hands, it was invigorating! Mark acknowledged the TFJ part of the sign, nodded and saluted/smiled, pretty awesome , the rest is a blur. Darius was groovin big time
even Dean, who sat down a few times real near me( I fanned him a bit with the sign) got into it as well
I suddenly feel something wet against my hand (Jeff had went out to get Dean another water bottle cut Darius stole his*l* I also thought boy did Jeff guzzle his down fast too, and he was just sittin there Lo and behold, my Hero, Jeff gave me the other water bottle! I was shocked and only able to mouth"Thank you" and give him a thumbs up (a little loser-ish) the show went on, Mark and Soni eventually took off their shirts, witch led Mark to get a belt so his pants would stop falling off(they didn't fall off but he kept having to hike 'em up) ohh, and Jonny Nau was a cutie too! he had a dancin flower on his keyboard*g* "Be the One" was so freaken awesome, and so was"Desert Mountain Showdown" (I do wish I had the set list) the played 4 encores and then managed to drag their sweaty selves off the stage(they looked pooped!)at 12:30, I was still roaring to go, but alas, the night had to end sometime.
there was a lot of hussel and bussel, me looking for my brother who was my ride home finally seeing him, and gettin back to the stage to see Jeff. Somehow Dani managed to get a drumstick flung at her from under the stage(lucky her!) I then see Jeff pop his head out, motioning for us to wait, so we wait. By this time Dani and her husband had left, so it was just me and my friend. He came out a few minutes later. Soni and Darius had left to go to the hotel and Dean was on the phone and Mark was, well, wandering about I think. We chatted some more, I said thanks (my friend managed to get herself amongst some of the Hootie Crew that were in the club dancing, I joined in for a bit too) Jeff kept trying to figure out how to get me back to the show on the 8th, and I wanted to so much and well, I tried my hardest(and I failed*sigh*) Then Mark suddenly appears, I'm like woah, it's Mark Jeff kindly interrupts Mark(he was talking to other fans) and introduces me and my friend(who got pulled free from the group of Hootie Crew Dancers when she saw him) it was a little more awkward with Mark cut neither of us could hear very well on account of the music (I'd really like to know if he thought I said "you're hot" instead of "Hi Mark") we got a photo op with him too
We also got him to sign our MC CD"s. Finally, at about 1AM I bid farewell to Jeff, thanked him incredibly for what he had done, and I left. On the way home I relived the moment with my friend. I managed to get to bed round 2:30, but hardly had any sleep(my ears were buzzing way too loudly for me to sleep. In the morning I commenced a mission to go to the show that night
. Finally, as my parents agree to let me go and that they would take me, my dad had failed to mention that we would get there round 8:30, the guys would already be on for 45min, no way of gettin up front to see Jeff again*sigh* But once again Jeff, thank you so much for everything, I woulda been there again, but 8:30 was way too late for an 8:45 concert, in a small bar like setting...I'd be up against the fish tank, or perhaps in side it =O) and that was my Hootie Experience. It never seizes to amaze me the diversity of people that attend a Hootie show, I seriously doubt there are as many young and young at heart, ethnically diverse people that attend any other shows. Thank you Hootie, for allowing us all to unite as one for a time in our life. We truly love you